Monday, 18 August 2014

Planning for House Warming..

Sejak dapat kunci rumah hujung tahun lepas, ramai yang sudah bertanya "Bila nak buat House warming??"..soalan tu bagi i..cukup susah untuk i jawab..hehehe..coz rumah i sampai sekarang, belum setel2 lagi. Sofa belum room n guest room, belum habis cat lagi..coz cat2 dalam rumah ni..semua buat sendiri so jenuh gak rr..dengan toddler and a baby lagi dalam rumah tu..everything..kitaorg buat sikit-sikit..tu yang after 6 months tu..still blm buat house warming lg..

Time-time raya semua dah tanya..ada yg nak terjah saja...dtg je la..nama pun dah Raya...nasib kuih raya ada la jugak dlm rumah..just in case kalo ada org nk dtg..hehehe..

Plan nak buat house warming after raya..initial plan la..nak jemput ahli keluarga saja..kawan-kawan pun mungkin x dijemput dulu..hehehe...

What to do??
House warming checklist???? 

Your budget, whether modest or mountainous, has a big impact on any get-together. Determine how much you are going to spend and then plan the event around the money. If the finances are tight, decide where you can save a few dollars. For example, you could borrow dishes and patio chairs from close friends and family members instead of buying or renting them for a barbeque. Nampak gaya nye kena pinjam my mom's cooking & dinner ware la..nak angkut barang2 tu pun..perghhh..jenuh jugak la..

The food can be as laidback as hotdogs and hamburgers for an outdoor gathering, as pompous as a fine wine and cheese evening or a catered event, or as middle ground as a potluck supper. But the cost can vary significantly, so refer to your budget for a direction. Once you’ve settled on the type of food to be served, list everything that you’ll need, from the tableware and linens to the cake, which you may want to have custom ordered in the shape and style of your new home, to the stemware or plastic cups. belum decide lagi ni..kalo i ada pembantu yg blh tolong i..byk sikit menu nye..hehehe..kalo x..main menu mngkin order je la ea...

Your budget can control a lot of things when you’re planning a party, but it shouldn’t affect the guest list. By excluding a few people, feelings could be hurt. It’s better to trim expenses where possible to make sure that every important person in your family’s life is invited. There’s family friends and relatives -- in town and out -- your closest coworkers and, of course, the new neighbors to consider. For a small gathering, phone-call invites can be appropriate. For a larger bash, make or buy invitations. Either way, include the time, date, whether the party is casual or formal, the address and directions to your home. If it’s too much for one party, you might want to have a second shindig, at a later date, to get to know neighbors. Ingat nak ajak family, jiran2 and close friends sahaja..buat e-invitation pun kira ok dah kan..anta thru whatsapp je...hehehe

Party Day
A housewarming party is mainly about showing off the new house; after all, whether it’s your first home or your fifth, it’s a big deal, and your guests will want to see every inch, so have the place party-ready and clean and tidy from one end to the other. If you’ve done some updates or added a few custom touches, gather up before-and-after photos -- if you have them -- to put on display in each room to show your guests as you take them on a tour throughout. Keep your list handily tucked away until the party is over so as not to forget anything, from the music and games to the canopies, coffee and end-of-party “thank-you’s.” By staying organized, you’ll be able to relax, enjoy your guests’ company and have a memorable experience. Kalo buat housewarming..sampai ke store diaorang nak tengok ni...huhuhu...semua kena tip top ..hopefully dpt setel kan la decorate rumah ni..Eric!! Tolong!!

*checklist ni i dpt dr mr google-homesguide

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