Monday, 2 April 2018

Samsonite First Ever E-commerce Platform

Siapa yang selalu travel ni, mesti selalu mencari beg yang sesuai untuk bawa apabila pergi travel. Sama ada travel sebab business, leisure, atau bersama family. You ols mesti pernah dengar pasal jenama Samsonite kan. Sekarang travelers semua boleh membeli barangan Samsonite secara Online dimana Samsonite telah melancarkam their first ever e-commerce platform dekat Malaysia providing customers dengan pelbagai range product secara online. 

Yang best pasal online ni, x perlu pun nak pergi ke physical store dia unutk mencari barangan Samsonite. Dengan a click of a button, dah leh shopping untuk bawak pi travel. Convenient kan. Just log into their website – https// or click HERE untuk browse through their products. 

The process of ordering is as below :-
“. Once they come across an item which they would like to purchase, they can add it to their virtual shopping cart and click “Checkout” when they are done shopping. All payments made through the website are done via secure platform for convenience and peace of mind. Upon payment and confirmation, the products are delivered right to customers’ doorsteps within three working days. “

3 hari bekerja je tau. Cepat dan pantas. 

Travelers can now shop online at their ease and convenience anytime and anywhere for latest products under the Samsonite range such as Samsonite, Samsonite Red and American Tourister. This comes after Samsonite (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. launched its first ever official Samsonite e-commerce platform in Malaysia, giving customers access to the full range of products online. 

Some information regarding Samsonite :
“Samsonite is one of the world’s largest and trusted designers and distributors in the luggage industry. First established in 1910, the brand was the brainchild of Jesse Shwayder, who envisioned crafting the finest quality luggage that would be able to endure the perils of travel. Today, Samsonite remains dedicated to its core principle, to further expand Shwayder’s vision globally to meet every traveller’s need with resilient and finely crafted products through innovative technology, materials and design.”

Jom kengkawan, sesiapa yang tengah usha-usha beg untuk travel ni, apa kata shopping online di Samsonite website. 

Happy Shopping u ols.

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